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Photos from BAFTA LA Behind Closed Doors (September 3, 2014)

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As a response to the other anon; I think this fandom has a hard time staying strong because although there are a ton of us, we are very far apart, disorganized, and there are no conventions for our fandom. We have to piggy-back on other events, like if Steve does a voice in a cartoon or game, there might be stuff of it at ComiCon or video game conventions. If he's in a movie, there might be sneak peeks or premiers of it at film conventions. We sadly don't have a full-on Stephen Merchant con...

The fandom used be really strong about 2 years ago, but a lot of people moved on and a lot of people came in and it just has died down a bit. BUt yeah i think a Stephen Merchant Con would be really weird lets not do that 

Is the fandom still alive? :'(

I mean there are a ton of people who still really love Steve, but yeah the fandom’s kinda slowed down a lot…

Steve, you thought you were clever and found a loop-hole but NAW.

yeah nice try, what a loser 


Stephen Merchant does the Ice Bucket Challenge


"Don’t want to be lonely."


"Don’t want to be lonely."

Have you ever read/seen The Last Unicorn? Someone I know was talking about it with their friend, and started joking around with what actors would play what characters in a live-action movie. I watched the cartoon after they told me about it, and now I'm sold on at least two characters; Stephen Merchant as Schmendrick, and Ricky Gervais as the laughing skull.

Wow ha I havent heard of that sorry :S I should check it out though…